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Networks can make any computer experience that much better, regardless if its at home or in an office networked computer can increase anyones work load, or gaming depending on how you decide to use your network. Networks can allow you to share files between computers in your home or office for example, if you had a media center in your living room you could rip your DVD collection to another computer in the house, and share those files. That way instead of putting your favorite DVDs in the media center every time you wanted to watch one, you could instead stream it to the media center over the network.

As networks have become more common so have cyber crimes, even a good network is weak without the proper protection, if you have sensitive documents or just paranoid then the firewall built into Windows or your router will not be enough for protection. Call us today for a free quote and assessment of the security and reliability of your home or office network.

Networks generally are very reliable, especially with todays advances in technology, but they can still go down and the problem could be for many of reasons. Old equipment, spilled drinks, perhaps and act of god, what ever the reason for your down network is we will find it. Please give us a call today about your downed network.

Networks are set up all over the place regardless if you notice theme or not, you most likely have used one or are on one now. As networks have become more common for home and office, the pricing to setup a network has gone down. Besides the equipment that can cost anywhere from $50 to $200, the labor has also dropped. So if you were interested in a home or office network of your own please give us call, we would be happy to get you a free quote.