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Laptop Computer Upgrade

Laptop Ugrade Performance

Laptop Screen Upgrade

Memory Upgrade

Laptop Hard Drive Upgrade

Upgrading your laptop computer could significantly lengthen the life of the laptop computer. With todays laptop computers, you should be getting at least a four year life span if the laptop computer is well maintained. By upgrading a laptop computer you will not only increase the laptop computers life, but can drastically increase it performance.

If the screen on the laptop is damaged it would be a good opportunity to not only replace but upgrade the screen. A lot of older and newer budget laptops come with cold cathode fluorescent back lighting or CCFL. The newer LED back lit LCD panels offer crisper pictures, details and longer battery life between charges of the laptop. Call us today for a quote of your particular model.

An easy and cost effective upgrade to any laptop computer, is upgrading the RAM or system memory. Upgrading the RAM of your laptop can not only increase the life of the laptop computer, but can increase its performance and usability. You will have to check on the model of your laptop to see what style RAM it needs, and the max the system can support. Or give us a call and we can check for you.

Upgrading the hard drive of your laptop computer will not only increase the storage capacity of your laptop computer, but could increase the speed of the system. If a faster hard drive were to replace the OEM drive, you would see faster call times on programs, and much faster boot speeds of the operating system. Not to mention that upgrading a hard could also increase the battery life between charges of the laptop computer.