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Computer Recycling

Computer Recycling Service

Computer recycling is not a new idea, it just been brought to everyoneís attention with the passing of the new law in January 2012. If computer recycling is not done properly and your computer is sitting on the curb with the rest of your trash you could be fined $30.00, and thatís just the first offense.

Computer recycling is the best option for any older computer that no longer is economical to repair or upgrade. When a computer whether it be a desktop or a laptop is recycled all the internal parts are disposed of properly, some can even be reused in other computers, and most importantly the old computers do not end up in a landfill.

Computer recycling allows for the computers to be broken down and most of the parts reused in other computers that may need those parts to keep running, if the parts are not reusable those parts are melted down and used in new electronics and other products. Computer recycling helps with a clean environment and keeping costs of new computers and consumer electronics down.

Primal PC's computer recycling service charges a small fee of $20.00 dollars, and we will drive to your place of business or home and pick up your computer so you donít have to worry about finding a place that recycles computers. The $20 fee also includes us deleting your hard drive right in front of you. If the hard drive in your old computer is not properly disposed of you could be risking a lot of personal information to who ever gets their hand on your old computer. Are computer recycling service also allows us to get the old parts we need to help maintain computers at retirement homes, and allows us to provide that service to the people of the retirement homes free of charge. So next time you are thinking about throwing your old computer out, please think twice about it and give us call and we make sure its taken care of.