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Desktop Computer Repair Services

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Desktop Repair Service Pricing

Desktop computer repair will cover anything from virus and malware removal to damaged pc hardware components. Typically itís not common for hardware to fail in a desktop computer, but it does still happen. The most common hardware failure you will see with desktop computers is either the motherboard or the dvd rom drive. A failure of the mother board in a desktop computer can be avoided by simply putting the computer tower to sleep instead of shutting it down.

Operating system errors in a desktop pc are typically caused by registry errors with in the desktops system registry. These errors are generally caused by installing and uninstalling programs which eventually leads to a very slow booting and running desktop computer or a system failure. General maintenance on your desktop computer is the best way to avoid system crashing head aches.

Your desktop computer is not much different from your car, both machines are expensive, and both machines require general maintenance and tune-ups from time to time. This desktop computer service is not too expensive and can add years of use and reliability to your desktop computer. Call us today for Primal PCís signature desktop computer tune-up service.

Data recovery can be avoided through redundancy or your precious data. If a hard drive were to crash, you can have peace of mind knowing that most of the data is recoverable. This is not a popular service but we do offer it to our clients and customers if their hard drives were to crash. Considering is can be rather expensive to recover data from a damaged hard disk, we donít post the pricing on our website. But if you are interested in our data recovery service, please give us a call for a quote.

The most common desktop computer repair is the removal of virusís and malware. Your desktop computer can pick up malicious programs from almost anywhere which is why a good virus protection program is necessary. All desktop computers are susceptible to viruses found on Facebook. Facebook has become a common ground to expose victims to viruses considering millions of us use there service. Most of the viruses from Facebook will install a Trojan downloader, rootkit, a dynamic list of other infected computers, and finally modified host files on to your desktop computer. These viruses can be expense to expel from your desktop PC.

Hourly Per Job
On Site $75.00 Quote Needed
Off Site $65.00 Quote Needed
For any specialty jobs, for example cracked screens, data recovery please call for a quote.