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Laptop Repair Services

Broken Laptop Screen Replacement

Virus and Malware Removal

PC Laptop Tuneup

Laptop Repair Service Pricing

Laptop repair will cover anything from virus and malware removal to a cracked laptop screen and motherboard failure. Typically its not common for motherboard to fail in todayís new laptops, but it does still happen. The most common failure you will see with laptops is the software or registry errors with in the laptops operating system. These errors are generally caused by installing and uninstalling programs which eventually leads to a very slow booting a running laptop or a system failure. General maintenance on your laptop computer is the best way to avoid system crashing head aches.

When laptop failure is caused by the hardware of your laptop, the repairs can be expensive. A good way to avoid this kind of repair is to make sure your laptop is shutdown, and not in sleep mode before you put the laptop computer in its case a move it from point a to point b. When in sleep mode, the laptop is still running and generating heat, in the portable case the laptop can not breathe.

Your laptop computer is not much different from your car, both machines are expensive, and both machines require general maintenance and tune ups from time to time. This laptop service is not to expensive and can add years of use and reliability to your laptop computer. Call us today for Primal PCís signature laptop tune-up service.

Broken laptop screens are far too common, whether it be a burned out back light or the LCD panel is cracked itself. These repairs are not to expense and can help gain several more years of use out your laptop computer. If you are having a problem with your laptop screen, or just wanted to upgrade the LCD panel it self, call us today for a quote.

Most common laptop repair is the removal of virusís and malware. Your laptop can pick up these malicious programs from almost anywhere which is why a good virus protection program is necessary. All laptops are susceptible to viruses found on Facebook. Facebook has become a common ground to expose victims to viruses considering millions of us use there service. Most of the viruses from Facebook will install a Trojan downloader, rootkit, a dynamic list of other infected computers, and finally modified host files on to your laptop computer. These viruses can be expense to expel from your laptop.

Hourly Per Job
On Site $75.00 Quote Needed
Off Site $65.00 Quote Needed
For any specialty jobs, for example cracked screens, data recovery please call for a quote.